MP-xx Modular MultiViewer Family

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The MP−xx is our new fully−featured 3RU Modular MultiViewer. It is ideal for a wide range of... mehr
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The MP−xx is our new fully−featured 3RU Modular MultiViewer. It is ideal for a wide range of Professional AV and High End Broadcast applications. MP−xx is extremely flexible and allows for monitoring of a wide range of both Video and Audio sources on a single, or dual, independent displays. The compact 3RU frame features 20 modular slots, 2 of which are reserved for the Network and MultiViewer controller cards. The other 18 slots are available for modular Video or audio input cards. Additional output cards can also be added into these 18 slots to allow multiple MultiViewer instances in the same frame. In fact by adding additional output cards, up to 9 independent dual output MultiViewers can be housed in the 3RU MP−xx frame. This makes the MP−xx an ideal solution for space critical applications such as Outside Broadcast units. The MP−xx MultiViewer offers all the standard features you would expect from a fully−featured Broadcast MultiViewer such as tally support, sophisticated Video/Audio/Metadata alarms, Under Monitor Display, Genlock input, multiple clocks and timers and much more. But, despite its superb feature set, one of its key advantages is that we make it easy to use. The MultiViewer is controlled via an intuitive browser based GUI that enables you to free−from scale and position all your video/audio tiles on screen using simple drag, drop and click technology. Due to the simplicity of its control without loss of features, coupled with our outstanding 5 year warranty, the MP−xx is already the MultiViewer of choice for a wide range of Broadcast and command and control applications worldwide. The MP−xx can be expanded from 4 to 72 video inputs in increments of 4 at a time. Video inputs can be chosen to be a mixture of HD−SDI (up to 3G), HDMI (with HDCP), RGBHV (at 525/625 lines video level), Component Video or Composite Video. Several rear modules can be partnered with our VIP−3 (or VIP−3D) video scaler cards to give ultimate input flexibility. The MP−xx is also extremely powerful in terms of its audio metering capability. Up to 16 channels of embedded audio from each Video input can be metered on screen via industry standard ballistically correct scales. This gives you the ability to display metering of up to 1152 channels of embedded audio simultaneously. External Analog or digital audio input cards can be added in place of Video input cards to allow for level metering of up to a maximum of 512 channels of external Digital or Analog audio. A selection of Analogue or Digital audio input and output cards can be partnered with our RMP−A32 Audio rear. Up to a maximum of 3 x Audio output cards and 8 x Audio input cards can be added to a single MultiViewer instance. Furthermore, the new optional VIP−3D Video scaler card offers metering (but not decoding) of Dolby® E Metadata embedded on the video inputs. Two independent outputs are featured as standard on the MP−xx. Each output offers both HDMI and HD−SDI (to 3G) in parallel. Each independent output also has the option to embed up to 4 pairs of audio selected from any of the embedded or external audio sources. This can be done independently for each output set. Future expansion is easy with the MP−xx. Additional video or audio input cards can be added in the future up to the frames capacity. Alternatively, if you are currently using the smaller 1RU SMP−xx frame and your inputs outgrow that frame, the same cards (including the network and MultiViewer controller card) can be ported to the MP−xx frame to expand your system further meaning all you need to do is purchase the MP−xx frame and any additional input/output cards you require for expansion.
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