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2x1 4K HDR HDMI Wall−Plate Auto Switcher Plug & Play Auto Switcher Automatically plays the... mehr
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2x1 4K HDR HDMI Wall−Plate Auto Switcher

  • Plug & Play Auto Switcher Automatically plays the switched source signal on the connected display according to user–configured preferences, such as priority or last–connected input. When the user manually switches, by pressing a button, the auto switching is overridden.
  • HDMI Signal Switching HDCP 2.3 compliant, Supporting deep color, x.v.Color™, CEC, lip sync, HDMI uncompressed audio channels, Dolby TrueHD, DTS–HD, 2K, 4K, and 3D as specified in HDMI 2.0.
  • Multi–channel Audio Switching Up to 32 channels of digital stereo uncompressed signals for supporting studio–grade surround sound.
  • I–EDIDPro™ Kramer Intelligent EDID Processing™ Intelligent EDID handling, processing, locking and pass–through algorithm ensures plug & play operation for HDMI source and display systems.
  • Audio De–embedding The digital audio signal passing–through to the HDMI output, is de–embedded, converted to an analog signal and sent to the stereo unbalanced analog audio output. This enables playing the audio on locally connected speakers, in parallel to playing it on the speakers connected to the AV acceptor device (such as TVs with speakers).
  • Simple Switching Operation Local buttons for user input selection and switching control.
  • Cost–Effective Maintenance Status LED indicators for HDMI ports facilitate easy local maintenance and troubleshooting. Local firmware upgrade ensures lasting, field–proven deployment.
  • Easy Installation Compactly fits into standard US, EU and UK 1–gang in–wall box size, or podium and in−table mounting accessories, supporting decorative integration with room deployed user interfaces such as electrical switches.
  • Produktabmessung: EU, UK: 8.00cm x 3.10cm x 8.00cm (3.15 x 1.22 x 3.15 ) W, D, H
  • Versandabmessung: 23.20cm x 13.60cm x 10.00cm (9.13 x 5.35 x 3.94 ) W, D, H
  • Produktgewicht: 0.1kg (0.1lbs) approx.
  • Versandgewicht: 0.6kg (1.3lbs) approx.

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